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Virtual Experience Agenda

Virtual Agenda

Our 2020 Featured Speakers Include: Kasey D’Amato, PA-C; Shani Francis, MD; Alexandra Golant, MD; Jeffrey Hsu, MD; John Kalis, MD; Rana Kennelly, RN; Melissa Knuckles, MD; Pearl Kwong, MD; John Koo, MD; Michael Lewitt, MD; Karl Napekoski, MD; Neill Peters, MD; Theodore Rosen, MD

Start Date: August 20, 2020

Approved for 18 AAPA Category I CME Credit Hours


Given by:
Andrea Rutherford, PA-C


  • Discuss the role of dermoscopy in Dermatology
  • Review terminology used in dermoscopy
  • Review the two-step algorithm used to differentiate melanocytic from non-melanocytic lesions
  • Discuss pattern analysis used to determine benign vs. malignant melanocytic lesions

Neill Peters, MD

Dermoscopy II

  • Review major criteria seen on dermoscopy in invasive superficial spreading melanoma
  • Discuss dermoscopic features of lentigo maligna
  • Highlight difficulties in diagnosing amelanotic melanoma
  • Apply dermoscopic skills to a series of unknowns to assess proficiency

Neill Peters, MD

Practical Psychodermatology

  • Learn the different categories of pychodermatology disorders
  • Learn how to use selected psychopharmacological agents
  • Learn how to connect to delusional patients
  • Learn to recognize and manage patients with cutaneous sensory disorders

John Koo, MD

PA Employment Post COVID-19

  • Understand how to navigate changing salary trends and an uncertain job market
  • Learn negotiation strategies during difficult economic times
  • Understand basic business principals and why some practices will thrive and others will fail
  • Discuss long term potential changes to the industry including Telemed and Consolidation

Kasey D’Amato, PA-C

Negotiation Skills for Life, PA Roles Outside of Clinical Care, Entrepreneurship Tools for Success 

  • Learn the fundamentals for successful negotiations in all aspects of life
  • Understand Derm PA Salary Structures and how to negotiate in any situation
  • Understand the different roles and opportunities for PAs outside of clinical care
  • Get a basic fundamental understanding of how to bring an idea from concept to creation.

Kasey D’Amato, PA-C

Liquid Nitrogen Techniques and Tips

  • Understand the principals of cryosurgery
  • Be able to perform the spray techniques
  • Be able to perform the cotton tip and tweezer techniques
  • Be able to perform the cryo probe technique

John Kalis, MD

For Spitz and Giggles: the Dermatopathology of Melanocytic Lesions

  • Recognize histopathologic features of various pigmented lesions
  • Discuss the diagnosis and classification of atypical/dysplastic nevus
  • Explain the use of molecular testing for certain melanocytic lesions and when it is helpful
  • Explain the terminology used in pathology reports for difficult or unusual melanocytic neoplasms

Alexandra Golant, MD

Updates in Management of Atopic Dermatitis

  • Understand the approach to the management of the patient with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis
  • Understand updates in the diagnosis and management of chronic hand dermatitis
  • Understand the changing treatment landscape in atopic dermatitis, including novel biologics and other topical and systemic therapies in development.
  • Become familiar with the management of common side effects from current systemic treatment options.

Karl Napekoski, MD

PRP: Does It Even Work?

  • Identify appropriate candidates for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections based on medical/aesthetic need determined by evidence-based protocols to optimize outcomes
  • Describe the various standards of care to safely administer secondary uses of Autologous PRP injections for medical pain management
  • Apply proper injection technique of PRP to safely administer the product, minimize complications and provide optimal patient outcomes
  • Employ strategies to attain and retain PRP patients in your practice

Jeffrey Hsu, MD

Micro Strategies Using Neuromodulator

  • Increase knowledge of facial anatomy in reference to neuromodulators
  • Go over reconstitution techniques
  • Understand the patient selection for optimal results
  • Understand common complications that may occur with neuromodulators and how to manage these complications with proper safety protocols

Rana Kennelly, RN

Biologics for Psoriasis; “An Embarrassment of Riches”

  • Review the currently commercially available biologic therapies and their targets
  • Choose the most appropriate biologic therapy for your psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients starting
  • Review recommendations for monitoring a patient on biologic therapy
  • How to manage difficulty patient / co-morbid PSO/PSA

Michael Lewitt, MD

Cultural-Medical Practices in Skin of Color

  • Highlighting ethnic complementary and alternative medicine practices that have derm consequences. Thus, when a derm provider sees xyz, They should know to ask the patient about CAM which is associated’ with specific skin of color populations.

Theodore Rosen, MD

The Red Face

  • Categorize the various types of disorders which may cause the face to be red
  • Recognize subtle differences in pattern which characterize specific diseases associated with a red face
  • Identify select unusual or rare causes of a red face
  • Initiate timely and proper treatment to ameliorate or eliminate the red face

Theodore Rosen, MD

Off Label Uses of Medicine

  • Empower providers to be innovative in clinical practice and prescribe beyond standard treatment
  • Expand FDA approved guidelines with alternative dosage/applications
  • Share take home pearls from my 30 years in practice

Melissa Knuckles, MD

Hair Loss

  • To highlight the psychosocial burden of hair loss disorders on patient quality of life
  • To discuss a practical clinical approach to managing a hair loss patient
  • To explore complementary alternative treatments for hair loss disorders
  • To discuss emerging treatments for hair loss disorders

Shani Francis, MD

Pediatric Skin Lesions

  • To illustrate examples of common pediatric skin lesions that one should be familiar with
  • To discuss the morphologies of these skin lesions and their characteristics
  • To discuss the differential diagnoses of these pediatric skin lesions
  • To discuss management of these pediatric skin lesions

Pearl Kwong, MD

Pediatric Acne

  • To discuss presentations of acne in different age groups
  • To discuss differential diagnosis of acneiform lesions
  • To discuss current management guidelines and new therapies for acne.
  • To use illustrative challenging cases of pediatric acne

Pearl Kwong, MD


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